Al Sultan Oud
A Fragrant Oud of unparalleled elegance, blending Fresh Green, Floral, and Woody notes. Elevate every moment with majestic allure.
Dhs. 620
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Bint Al Shyookh
Awaken your senses with an enchanting blend of Lemon, Green, Rose, Oud, Dry Woods, and Amber. Let Bint Al Shyookh infuse your space with its luxurious aroma, evoking timeless elegance and serenity.
Dhs. 560
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Ayoon Al Maha
An oil that radiates with incense, enveloping you in the soothing embrace of sandalwood. With each heartbeat, it whispers of tender emotions, a tribute to femininity that leaves a gentle, lingering presence.
Dhs. 390
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