Lootah, is one of the largest perfume shop in UAE

Perfumes and incenses are an enduring and essential part of Arabic lifestyle. Emiratis still perform their weddings in the same traditional way, and only a few changes were made to keep up with modern times. Just like in any culture, Emirati weddings have their own unique traditions and customs.

In the UAE, the things that take place during an Emirati wedding might vary from one family to another depending on the culture and background of that family. But in general, all typical Emirati weddings share certain things that you might not have known about.

In Arabic culture, perfume & scent play the main role. In fact, fragrance is a part and package of Arabians’ life. Perfume business during the Arab world has constantly contributed greatly towards status and expansion of world perfume business for ages.

The fundamental part of an Arabian culture is discovering a unique and traditional mix of scents present in the natural habitat that surrounds us. Perfumery stations at local weddings mark the traditional relevance of an Emirati culture. Perfume stations beautifully illustrate this tradition at local weddings. Perfumes from the Gulf region are unique in their appeal and originality, enjoying a certain "essence" which is unique to the region.

The perfumery station allows the guests to experience a new level of elegance as they enter the wedding. It lets out a relaxing and sweet fragrance to make the day surreal and magical. The exquisiteness of every wedding is bespoken by its fragrances. The classily placed perfumery stations house a variety of fragrances that captivate and enamor. The perfume expert at the perfume station will mist the guests with just the right amount of fruity, floral, musky and woody fragrances to make the wedding a splendid experience.