Perfumery stations at local weddings mark the traditional relevance of an Emirati culture. The fundamental part of Arabian culture is discovering unique and traditional mix of scents present in the natural habitat that surrounds us. Beautifully illustrating this tradition, Lootah, a renowned curator of the richest Ouds and oriental perfumes, sets up luxurious perfumery stations at weddings, to give the guests an experience like never before.

Lootah highlight the exquisiteness of every wedding with its bespoken fragrances. The classily placed perfumery stations house a variety of fragrances that captivate and enamor. The perfumery station allows the guests to experience a new level of elegance as they enter the wedding. It lets out a relaxing and sweet fragrance to make the day surreal and magical.

The perfume experts at Lootah will mist the guests with just the right amount of fruity, floral, musky and woody fragrances to make the wedding a splendid experience.

Lootah is a brand which has a rich heritage acquired over 6 decades of experience and knowledge of sophisticated art of perfumery. It has carved a niche for itself in the luxurious perfume industry. It is all about mesmerizing fragrances that exude style, luxury and distinction.

Lootah provides the choicest oriental and French perfumes, incense – bukhoor, fragrant oud and luxuriant perfumed blended oils and the finest agarwood curated and harnessed to their finest fragrance to cater to the UAE market.