Things to take care of when you buy perfume

According to experts, that’s not all. Some people enter a room and can point out the person who is wearing a certain type of perfume. This could be either, you are wearing a perfume that doesn’t suit you, you have used it too much or the fragrance isn’t good enough.

Aesthetically saying, perfumes should be used in a certain way and to do all things in the right manner, you need to be aware of the things you’ve been doing wrong.

Below are some points that could be going wrong while spraying perfume

Spraying the fragrance on the clothes

You must have noticed spots on your clothes. The reason for it is that you are spraying the perfume onto the clothes. When surrounded by people, these marks can be unpleasant and can embarrass you if someone points it out. This way you are not only damaging your impression but the fragrance doesn’t last long.

Not maintaining a distance

When you spray perfume directly on your body, does it get wet? If yes, then your way of doing it is not right.

According to a research conducted by professionals at Lootah perfumes suggest that the minimum distance between the body and the bottle should be 5-7 inches. One thing more to consider is that if the distance is increased, it may end up in the wastage of fragrance.

Spraying excessive perfume

Excess of everything is bad and spraying excessive fragrance may also go against you. If you do so, you may cause trouble for other people around you. A moderate amount is enough to let people know your aesthetic taste.

Attars are applied differently

Attars are used a bit differently. While using attars, dab it gently on the pulse points. These points include certain areas like near the collar bone, the naval and a couple of other points. Applying the attar, anywhere else except the pulse points may not be that affective.

Beware of your skin reactions

Human skin reacts differently to a wide range of perfumes. While checking perfume or using it for the first time, make sure that it lasts for at least 6-8 hours and doesn’t react negatively to your skin. If the skin reacts to a certain type of fragrance, stop using it right away and consult your physician.