Perfumes in LootahPefumes Store

Arab world has been obsessed with fragrances and perfumes since olden days and Dubai is no different. Any person you meet and anywhere you go people must be wearing a charming perfume. Dubai has a place specified for all kinds of fragrances from all around the world and you will find all the leading brands here.

There are hundreds of shops in Dubai only for fragrance lovers which give them the opportunity to dive into the thousands of different scents from all over the world. Name a leading brand and you will find it here.

Gold and diamond jewelry

One thing Dubai is famous for besides the oil reservoirs are gold. There is so much variety of gold jewelry here that Dubai is referred as the ‘city of gold’. Tourists and people living here from all over the world love the latest and traditional designs that are famous all over the world.

We all know that gold is expensive all over the globe but it is relatively cheap here in Dubai, thanks to the tax policies that enable you to easily buy anything in much lower prices from any other city in the world.

Not only gold, Dubai is home to sparkling diamonds and never seen before platinum jewelry.


If you are a chocolate lover then Dubai is the ideal place for you to find different and amazing brands from all over the world. As it is known as the commercial hub of the Middle East, it is also known as the chocolate hub.

Be it chocolate desserts, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drinks or the finest raw and pure chocolate, you won’t have to roam long to find a place where these things are easily available.


Now comes the specialty of Dubai and the whole Arab world, dates. Dates are cultivated here for more than 600 years and there are hundreds of date types that can be found in the UAE and whole of the Middle East.

People from all around the globe love to consume things that are made with dates. Not only it is eaten raw but it is an integral part of sweets, desserts, served with coffee, used to make non-alcoholic beverages and is considered as one of the go to items for presenting someone.

Other specialties of Dubai include

  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Clothes shoes and watches
  • Traditional sweets
  • Carpets and rugs