Lootah, is one of the largest perfume shop in UAE

The perfume world is traditionally associated with scents that are rare and expensive. Several European fragrance houses have experimented with oud wood recently, creating warm and striking perfumes. There are some remarkable fragrances of the season illustrating this trend. The darker notes are often taking the shape of oud, incense and various ingredients associated with Middle Eastern perfumery. The perfume industry lays a foundation for creativity and innovation and these are the two components, which are a must.

The distinctive element of Middle Eastern perfumery is oud, or agarwood. There is still today a great focus on achieving a strong, long-lasting fragrance. Perfumed oils are dabbed onto the skin and then topped with sprayed fragrance to prolong the scent. Leaving a beautifully scented signature is a sign of taste and elegance, for men and women alike.

For those who prefer it less fruity and a bit more floral, Rose is another beloved ingredient. The scent of the season highlights the noble fragrance impression which is built up and provides an elegant composition. Rose as an ingredient that embodies perfection and its scent is the symbol of the divine. Perfumers’ experiments with rose, complex and rich in its own right, can be exciting and surprising.

Combination of eastern and western fragrances in order to create your own unique fragrance is in trend. This is kind of layering effect however in this techniques, a number of fragrances mixed are not more than three. On the other hand, the oriental trend is also an international phenomenon right now. The depth of oriental varies but oriental is becoming favourite note of fragrance lovers.

The concept of customization is on the go. Visiting oriental fragrance shop and creating your own fragrances is something Arabian fragrance brands are happy about. One can increase or decrease the note of your choice to come up with the perfect combination of smell you always wanted. This is very trendy nowadays. As niche fragrances are in style, same is the case with signature-style brands launch these brands in limited number and call them limited-edition, as well.

If the bottle design is creative and box that contains that bottle looks extremely special, that’s all that matters.