Elite is an irresistibly sophisticated fragrant oil from the house of LOOTAH, a leading perfumery giant in the UAE. It’s the perfect scent to uplift the hot summer days in the UAE, with an exceptional combination of refreshing fragrances.

It’s essential to smell as bright and refreshing, as the sunlight that illuminates the path on a hot summer day. The choice of fragrance can either wear one down or enlighten moments. A fragrance that replenishes and energizes the day is like a friend, whose cheerful persona lightens your path.

Elite is the scent of the season.

Awakening the senses to the refreshingly balmy scent of Bergamot, the top note of Elite rejuvenates with a citrusy splash. Mellowing down to a woody, earthy note, the middle note brings about a feeling of tranquility in one’s disposition and surrounding, beating the overpowering summer heat. Finally, the base note of Musk lingers throughout the day and motivates the way to sweet success.

Elite is a remarkable fragrance that sets one apart from the crowd with an elitist gracefulness, and crafts optimism towards the beautiful journey called ‘Life’.

Elite Fragrant Oil is available across LOOTAH outlets in the UAE.